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Level Three - Master Wall Builder

The third and final step in the program is Level Three, the Master Wall Builder. Contractors that reach this level have both the knowledge and the skills to build top quality Allan Block walls.
Set apart from other wall installers, the Master Wall Builder is more widely accepted and sought after by the engineering community.
To become a Master Wall Builder you must build a minimum of 25,000 units (full size or equivalent) of Allan Block walls or a total of 10 walls with an average square footage of 1,000 units (full size or equivalent)
Any walls built to satisfy the Level One and Level Two requirements count toward your Level Three requirement. Each of these walls must meet the following specifications:
Stufe 3 - Stützwand-Meistermonteur
  • All of the walls submitted must comply with the following:
  • Walls comply with local building codes  
  • Walls constructed meet industry tolerances
  • Detailed project proposals were submitted and pre-  construction meetings were held for each wall
  • All walls built have a minimum height of 3 ft (0.9 m)    and a minimum of 300 units (full size or equivalent).
  • AB Tech Sheet #797 - Caring for Your Retaining Wall  was left with the property owner on each project
  • Material lien waivers were supplied to the property owner and/or general contractor at completion of construction for each wall
  • Geogrid reinforcement was used on a minimum of 70% of the submitted walls
  • Stamped drawings from a local engineer  were used on a  minimum of 70% of the submitted walls
  • Each of the following conditions must be covered on at least 70% of the walls submitted.
  • Curved wall (inside or outside radius)
  • Step up or step downs (at base and top of wall)
  • Terraced wall
  • Water managemetn detail (example: drainage swale)
  • A letter of reference from a minimum of 2 general contractors/property owners/developers
Notify your local Allan Block sales representative of any AB walls you would like submitted toward your Level 3 Master Wall Builder certification so that your local sales representative can submit the appropriate paperwork to Allan Block Corp

Summary of Level Three Master Wall Builder requirements:

  • Has completed Level One & Level Two Certifications
  • Has completed additional projects that meet the 25,000 units (full size or equivalent) requirement listed above
  • Allan Block sales representative has inspected each submitted wall project
All projects are counted by the number of full size Allan Block units used. If smaller sized units are used, the number of blocks must be equivalent to full size units. Example: 2 AB Jumbo Juniors = 1 AB Classic (full size unit).

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