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Level One - Certified Wall Installer

The first step in the program is Level One, the Certified Wall Installer. To become one, a contractor must first attend an Allan Block Contractor Certification Training Course. This course covers the following topics:
  • The advantaged of the Allan Block product line
  • How Allan Block products work
  • Basic principals of all design
  • How Allan Block and geogrig reinforcement work together
  • Basic design mathodology
  • Why walls fail
  • AB Walls 2007 Software outputs and wall estimating tools
  • Proper methods for constructing an Allan Block Wall
  • Hands-on participation on building walls with Allan Block products
At the completion of the course you will be asked to take a written test This test must be completed and turned in to your local Allan Block sales representative.
Stufe 1 - Stützwand-Monteur
Once this has been done, the last step is for you to buils an Allan Block wall that has a minimum height of 3ft (0.9m) Notify your local AB sales representative of the completion of these requirements so that your local representative can submit the appropriate paperwork to Allan Block corp. to receive your Allan Block Certified Wall Installer Certificate.

Summary of Level One - Certified Wall Installer requirements:
  • Has attended an Allan Block Contractor Certification Course
  • Has completed and passed the written test
  • Has built an Allan Block wall with a minimum height of 3ft (0.9m) and a minimum of 300 units (full size or equivalent)
  • AB sales representative has inspected the wall
All projects are counted by the number of full size Allan Block units used. If samller sized units used, the number of blocks must be equivalent to full size units. Example 2 AB Jumbo Juniors= 1AB Classic (full size unit

Click here to view the requirement for Level 2 y level 3 certifications.

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