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AB Walls 10 Has Been Released!

Allan Block presents the ultimate design toolfor segmental retaining walls.

Allan Block has completely redesigned their segmental retaining wall design software and made it the most powerful and user-friendly retaining wall design software on the market. AB Walls 10 is a comprehensive design tool which outputs professional quality construction drawings, along with the technical support data. This program allows designers to transfer a conceptual layout from a site plan to a complete wall solution and then export to various CADD software programs. The software continues to allow the designer to generate elevation, plan and multiple cross sectional views of their retaining wall project. Additionally, its design capabilities include static and seismic calculations for internal, external and internal compound stability. AB Walls 10 can now take a designed wall project and print a complete package in one step making it an easy submittal to your client.

AB Walls 10

To receive your copy of AB Walls 10, please contact your Local AB Sales Representative

AB Walls 10 is a complete segmental retaining wall design package, from conceptual drawings and estimates to as-built and forensic designs. Here are just some of the features in AB Walls 10:

Elevation View:

  • Full retaining wall elevations drawn by entering elevations and stations in a spreadsheet-like form.
  • Slopes above the wall can be drawn on the elevation to streamline the cross section design process.
  • Easily add or modify stations or elevations when design conditions change.
AB Walls 10

Plan View:

  • The plan view can be used to see the true retaining wall footprint on your site including the wall’s setback. This is critical in the planning and design phases of construction.
  • An existing plan can be imported into AB Walls 10 to provide an accurate wall layout.  This can be done by any Cadd program that can create a .DXF file.
AB Walls 10

Wall Panels:

  • Like previous versions of AB Walls, the retaining wall elevation is divided into multiple wall panels, each of which has a cross section assigned to it.
AB Walls 10

Cross Sections:

  • Geogrid Lengths, Surcharges & Point Loads can all be customized to give an accurate representation of your site.
  • Slopes above the wall entered from the elevation or assigned to each cross section independently.
  • Static & Seismic Design
    • External Stability - with automated suggestion of design parameters
    • Internal Stability - with easily modified geogrid parameters
    • Internal Compound Stability (ICS)
  • Additional gravity wall options available for each cross section.
AB Walls 10

DXF Output

  • With the click of a button, output your design to a .DXF file that is compatible with most Cadd programs. It is layered and to scale, ready to be incorporated into your construction documents.
    • Specifications
    • General Notes
    • Elevation
    • Plan
    • Cross Sections
    • Cross Section Notes
AB Walls 10

Material Estimates and Proposal Worksheets

After the wall has been designed in AB Walls 10, one of the last steps would be to generate a material estimate for the project. This includes all the material required to build the wall: blocks, caps, geogrid, wall rock, base rock, infill soil, drain pipe... The estimate includes labor and engineering quantities so that all you need to do is type in prices for a complete retaining wall price.
AB Walls 10

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