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Other Reinforcement Options

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Masonry Reinforcement

Allan Block retaining walls can be reinforced with the same proven techniques used for conventional masonry walls. Allan Block masonry walls are useful on sites where geogrids are not feasible or cost effective because they rely on a reinforced footing and vertical pilasters to counteract lateral earth pressures. These walls combine the mortarless stability of an Allan Block wall with the tensile strength of the steel rods in pilasters and the stability of the footing. The design and construction of these walls meet all building code requirements, while factoring in the benefit of an inclined Allan Block wall. The specific design requirements depend on site and soil conditions, and wall heights.
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When considering special applications, unusual job sites, or unique reinforcement requirements, contact the Allan Block Corporation for engineering and design support. The Allan Block Engineering Department provides assistance to engineering and design professionals worldwide. For additional information and case studies call (800)-899-5309. Allan Block

Other System Options

In addition to basic masonry wall systems, Allan Block can accommodate special reinforcement systems such as no-fines concrete, rock bolts, earth anchors and soil nailing.

Anclas de Tierra

Anclas de Tierra

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