Allan Block Muros de Contención 

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Design Considerations

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  • Grid strength Select the right strength grid for the job. Choose LTADS grids from 500 lb/ft to 4000 lb/ft (7.3 kN/m to 58.4 kN/m).
  • Embedment length Grid length must extend far enough behind the wall to create a sufficient reinforced gravity mass. Typically a minimum of 60% of total wall height.
  • Number of layers Install enough layers to adequately increase the internal strength of the soil mass and handle all applied loads.
  • Spacing between layers Grid layers must be correctly spaced to distribute internal forces. Typically spaced on 16 in. (405 mm) centers.
  • Connection strength Block and geogrid must work together to resist internal forces.

Sección Típica del Muro AB con Geomalla

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