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Curves with Geogrid

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Inside Curves

Geogrid needs to have 100% coverage around an inside curve. To achieve this, additional layers need to be installed either above or below the course where the grid is required to fill voids that are created.
  • Cut geogrid to required lengths per the approved plan.
  • Lay out the primary geogrid around the curve butting front edges together. Make sure strength direction runs perpendicular to wall face. Mark the blocks or take note of the areas where there are voids in the grid placement.
  • Place the filler piece of grid on the next course (or the course below) to cover the void left on the primary layer.
Curvas Exteriores
Curvas Interiores con geomalla

Outside Curves

  • Cut geogrid to required lengths per the approved plans.
  • Lay out the geogrid around the curve.
  • Lift the section of grid that overlaps and place the fill material to separate. Grid layers need to be separated by a 3 in. (75 mm) layer of approved fill material.
  • Never compact directly on the geogrid.

Curvas Exteriores con geomalla

Working with radii
Radius Chart
Building Curves

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