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Corners with Geogrid

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Installing Geogrid on Inside 90° Corners

On inside corners additional geogrid is required to extend past the end of the wall, 25% of the completed wall height (H/4).
  • Cut geogrid to required lengths per the approved plan. As a general rule the length of the geogrid needs to extend a minimum of 25% of the wall height past the end of the inside corner.
  • Install the layer of geogrid with the geogrid extending past the inside corner.
  • Alternate the next layer of geogrid to extend the past the inside corner in the opposite direction.
Finished wall height is 12 ft. (3.7 m), divide by 4 which equals 3 ft. (0.9 m).The length the grid will need to extend past the corner is 3 ft. (0.9 m).

La geomalla en esquinas Interiores del 90º

Installing Geogrid on Outside 90° Corners

Each leg of the wall must be reinforced independent of adjacent wall sections. This will require placement of grid to go up or down a course at the corner.
  • Cut geogrid to required lengths per the approved plans.
  • Install geogrid to the outside corner with the roll direction running back into the excavated site.
  • On the next course of block, lay the next layer of grid perpendicular to the previous layer.

La geomalla en esquinas Exteriores del 90º

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